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Callbreak is a strategic card game similar to spades which is famous in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
Callbreak is a card game played with 52-card deck between four players. Dealer gives 13 cards to each player. Initiating a game by throwing a single card of any suit the other players also follow the same suit unless they runs out of that particular suit. Absence of identical suit allows player to throw a card of another suit and the current round is won by highest card. Trump cards can be used to conquer other cards when no more cards of the same suit are there to offer. Trump card is by default Spade but you can set different trump suit like club, diamond or heart in this Call Break game.
Call Break the term "hand" is used instead of trick, and "Call" is used instead of bid. After each deal player have to make a "Call" or "bid" for the number of hands he/she can capture, and the objective is to capture at least that many hand in a round, and try to break other player i.e. stop them from getting their Call. After each round, points will be calculated.
Callbreak is also known as Lakadi or lakdi in various part of India. In Bangladesh Call Break card game is also known as Call Bridge, Ghochi or locha.
Callbreak Rules :-
• Dealer distributes each player 13 cards.
• After distribution of cards, players have to make bid.
• Player who bid first, he will throw the first card.
• Next player should throw the card of greater value than previous card of same suit.
• If player does not have greater value of card then he can throw any card of same suit.
• If player does not have same suit then he can throw the trump card.
• If player does not have same suit and trump card then he can throw card of any suit.
• The highest priority card wins the hand and gets point.
• If player not able to get points equals to his bid, then he will get minus points equal to his bid.
Callbreak Features :-
• Beautiful animations and Graphics.
• Instead of playing Five Rounds you can select Number of Round.
• You don't required Internet connection to play against computer(Bots)
• You can set different trump suit like club, diamond, heart or Spade.
• Various table and card deck to choose from.
• Fast paced game play.
• Simple and addictive UI Design and easy settings.
Call break card game is also very much popular in North America as Spades. The difference between Call Break and Spades is by scoring and call bidding system. In call break card game, game length is fixed number of rounds, but in Spades game length based on fixed score. Others rules are almost similar.
Download now and enjoy playing Call break card game !


What's New

Game play improved.
Graphics enhanced.
On board Card saving issue fixed.
Bug fixes and optimization which brings you better gaming experience!


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