Chitty Robot 2 City Simulation

Chitty Robot 2 City Simulation

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" Simulation "

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Play the new robot fighting games with the chitti reloaded. Help robo chitty in defeating the crow man in the super sci-fi city. The sci-fi city is full of advanced robotics technology cars and huge buildings.
Defeat the evil villain crow man with the robot 2 in this city simulation game. Become a humanoid robot with rajni the chitty robot. Play the chota rajni game with amazing robots and complete the missions.
Fight humanoid robots responsible for the destruction in the grand super city. Learn the science robotics and build a robot. Complete the levels with fighter robot 2 in the modern city.
Enjoy the robot battle with the chitty robot in this chota rajni game. Play the robot fighting games with chitty and beat down the super-villain robot enemies. Have fun with the latest Robotech games and fight with the humanoid robos.
Experience the realtime mobile fighting action with rajni. Defeat the crow man in epic battles in this chota rajni game. Fight with the walking robots in the super city in this robot simulation game.
 Select the chitty robot player
 Select the level to play
 Locate the Crow man from the map
 Find Evil Robots
 Fight crow man with a humanoid robotic arm
 Complete the missions
 Finish the levels
 Experience Real time fighting with the chitty fighter
Play Chitty robot 2 city simulation game with favorite rajni and defeat the humanoid robos and crow man. Also, enjoy the challenging games with newly reloaded chitty.
Earn coins by completing the missions and upgrade robot to increase their power. Rajni fans can now play this robot battle simulation game and have fun with friends. The main robot character in this sci-fi city game is chitty.
Fight the chubby crow man with advanced technology weapons and superpowers. Build your own robot by doing robot programming. Design robot in the robot factory and fight the Japanese robots.
^^^Key Features^^^
 A Rajni Superhero Game
 New Robot Simulator Game
 Own your Personal Robot
 Help Robo Chitty in defeating the Evil Villain crow man
 Humanoid Robot Kits
 Multiple Levels
 Different Missions


What's New

Overall game improvements.
minor bug fixes.

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