Cricket WorldCup Championship 2018

Cricket WorldCup Championship 2018

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Cricket WorldCup Championship 2018

Cricket WorldCup Championship 2018

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World Cricket Tournament game 2018 is the 3D flick hit wicket mobile cricket game. Enjoy the cricket with just the flick of your finger. Every cricket lover and smash wicket cricket fan will love this cricket game 2018. If you are fielder or you are a bowler then you will love to play this wicket out cricket fever game. Play and out maximum players with your best fielding skills. This game is built for those who do not want to play the whole cricket game and just want easy flick cricket game. Cricket Smash 2018 is the most dynamic and versatile cricket game from the bowling and fielding end in world of mobile cricket. Get ready for the insane fun of pro cricket 3d game 2018.
Experience the most addictive World Cricket Tournament game 2018 on mobile. Play in different modes of the flick cricket game and test your skills as bowler and fielder. Out maximum players to win the championship. Ever dream of to become the bowler or fielder in the cricket ground now is the chance you can become the best bowler or fielder and out cricket stars with your best bowling or fielding. Do not be the just a common player play your part as bowler or fielder to make your team win in the ultimate smash wicket game.
Experience the ultimate thrill of cricket ball game simulation. Hit wicket cricket tournament is 3d cricket game. True test of your match skills as you play different modes. You can choose different modes to enjoy the real cricket 2018 game. The objective of Cricket Smash 2018 is to out as many players as you can in an over. To win you have to bowl and then throw the ball towards wicket to out the player if you hit wickets then you will win. There are four different modes of the cricket 2018 where in first mode you through the ball toward wicket and out the player. In second mode you are fielder and you hit wicket with flick of finger with in time limit. In run out mode make the player run out with your cricket fielding skills. In catch and throw mode first you have to stop the ball and then throw to out the batsman. 4th mode there are multiple challenges designed for you. Be fully prepared for the ultimate fun of hit wicket cricket fun 2018.
Download and install the best cricket hit wicket game and enjoy the bowling and fielding with flick of your finger.
Features of World Cricket Tournament game 2018:
• Easy Simple and smooth game play.
• Nice and mind blowing sound effect.
• Beautiful graphics with real Life Animations & realistic ball Physics.
• Easy to learn but hard to master.
• Multiple modes, run out mode, fielding mode and challenge mode.
• Realistic review and replay system.
• Bigger greater and super cricket championship tournament.
• Get more and more wickets as you can to make high score.



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