Mr. Gravitation Flying Superhero 3D

Mr. Gravitation Flying Superhero 3D

Size 47.4MB

Mr. Gravitation Flying Superhero 3D

Mr. Gravitation Flying Superhero 3D

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After sharing you love for superhero frost man city rescue: snowstorm game, Top Action Studios presents you newest gravity force field and magnetic superpower base hero to levitate alien robots and gangster cars into air. Take revenge break law of physics with earth mighty superhero game i.e Mr. Gravitation Flying Superhero 3D for free.
The US police captain need assistance, gravitation superhero man is here to take down bigfoot alien robots attacking futuristic city in street fight. Use gravity force as flying superhero, take revenge from devil robot with magnetic pulse. Use telekinesis mind power to take down gangster squads in this newest magnetic superhero game. Fly over mad city hit enemy captain with your cosmic powers. Mr. Gravitation can use his telekinesis superhero abilities with flying cars, criminals and robots in this gravity field superhero game. Play as Mr. Gravitation superhero a friend of the snow superhero helping to save the world. With magnet powers complete challenging city rescue missions and fight robot monsters. Bestowed power from polar magnetic field and cosmic wizard who blessed you hypnotic mind abilities, powerful to fly and levitate cars and enemy robots. Play as earth gravity mighty hero in this Mr. Gravitation Flying Superhero 3D game and start fighting the iron robot. Enjoy classic hand combat with alien robots. Rescue Andreas city and innocent civilians families in this virtual superhero simulator game.
Magnet superhero can fight iron flying robots attacking Andreas city with fire power, crush robot with inhuman ability. Play as gravity force concept superhero with super magnetic to levitate the iron robot. The American police captain wants you to save citizen families from grand rampage in these giant grand gangsters.
Still playing auto theft and ordinary grand rampage games, get Mr. Gravitation Flying Superhero 3D game for free and play as magnet power superhero to fly down crush super robots with levitation power.
New superhero with gravity powers
Levitation abilities to fly and throw enemies
Mind power to levitate and damage iron robot
Kick and boxing to keep the thrill of hand to hand combat
Best gravity hero game to fight robotics
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