Fire Engine Real Robot Transformation: Robot Wars

Fire Engine Real Robot Transformation: Robot Wars

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Prepare yourself for amazing Fire Engine Real Robot Transformation: Robot Wars adventure, where the fire truck robot from fireman games or vicious iron robot has to complete various city rescue missions in NY City. This fire engine robot transformation game, allows you as firefighter robot of city ambulance or eminent robot firetruck having robot car transform skills to get engaged in futuristic city robot war, in which real robot or vicious robot superhero along with their leader flying robot have joined epic war which has caused lot of destruction in survival city with futuristic robot car weapons. In Fire Engine Real Robot Transformation: Robot Wars perform city rescue duty as ambulance driver utilizing action simulator or advanced fire brigade simulator to become vigilant war robot or vicious superhero robot having quick fire rescue or professional fire brigade fire fighter along with smooth robot transform or ambulance rescue along transforming robot car skills and firefighter helicopter or steel robot abilities to conquer robot war utilizing destructive futuristic robot or deadly war machine weapons in instant kill robot battle arena.
In Fire Engine Real Robot Transformation: Robot Wars you as a firefighter robot or firetruck robot from fireman games will move through prominent locations using robot car transform skills as ambulance driver of the futuristic city or NY City and fire rescue or fire truck rescue people of big city. Be a vicious iron robot or eminent fire truck robot possessing supersonic action simulator or fire brigade simulator along with advanced fire brigade simulator and perform 911 emergency rescue fire fighter duty on city ambulance in each rescue mission of survival city. Are you fan of robot fighting game along with engaging robot transforming games, then this game will fulfill your requirements. In this fire engine robot battle game, battle against x robot autobots or eminent real robot along with supreme leader flying robot on different destroyed places of futuristic city for performing 911 emergency rescue fire fighter duty with advanced firetrucks from fire man games & transforming robot car ability. In this robot transformation game, battle in city rescue missions as fire brigade or eminent robot superhero for quick fire rescue or pro fire truck rescue in grand city. Be quick & expertly utilize robot car transform skills along action simulator along with fire brigade simulator along with ambulance rescue abilities for accomplishing rescue missions. Play as eminent war robot or eminent superhero robot and expertly utilizing highly destructive war machine or futuristic robot car weapons for quickly eradicating all evil robots form epic war and robot battle arena of deadly robot war.
Fire Engine Real Robot Transformation: Robot Wars gets you as firefighter robot or vigilant futuristic robot along with robot firetruck from fireman games engages in realistic action pack based play mode, where you as ambulance driver will have to accomplish various city rescue or fire truck rescue missions with robot car transform ability as fire truck robot or eminent iron robot possessing highly advanced action simulator or fire brigade simulator along with fire brigade simulator for rescuing NY City. Eliminate all furious real robot or x robot autobots along with robot battle supreme leader flying robot utilizing war robot skills and robot superhero or pro fire engine ambulance rescue abilities & futuristic robot car weapons to complete epic war and well spread robot war.
- Astonishing highly colorful HD 3D Graphics from realistic robot battle game.
- To notch firetrucks sounds & city ambulance effects with grand city environment from robot fighting game.
- Highly engaging & thrilling rescue missions from transforming robot games.
- Highly customized controls for robot hero from fire truck games.
- Highly engaging fire fighter robot games based play mode.


What's New

- Improved Gameplay
- User Friendly Controls
- Enhanced Graphics
- Minor Game Fixes

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