Rummy! (Card Rummikub and Indian Rummy)

Rummy! (Card Rummikub and Indian Rummy)

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Rummy! (Card Rummikub and Indian Rummy)

Rummy! (Card Rummikub and Indian Rummy)

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Mexe-Mexe is a card game where the goal is to make the lowest score possible. In order to get rid of the cards, you must drop your cards in community games, which can be broken (3 or more cards of the same rank and can have stunts) and sequences (cards of the same nipe).
In the game you have the possibility of moving freely in the games already on the table, rearranging the cards in the way that converges. The play is valid if at the end of it, all table sequences have more than 3 cards, following the rules, and the player has put at least 1 of his cards in the rolls.
If the player has no chance of playing, he must catch one card, passing the turn to the next player. The round ends when one player gets rid of all cards, and the score of each player is determined by the value of the cards left in his hand. The Ace is worth 15 points, the figures are worth 10 and the rest of the cards are worth their number. The game goes on until someone reaches the 100-point mark, and the winner is the one who made the least points until that round.
All the commands are dragging the cards to where you want them to be. If you want to pass the time or indicate that you have finished moving, tap the screen twice quickly. This will catch your card if you have not made a move. When executing your move, a red border will be displayed in sequences that are not okay, and you will not be able to pass the turn until you fix them. If you want to return your moves, use the back button on your cell phone.
According to wikipedia, this game was an element of inspiration for the rummikub game, and is called in the USA of "rummy".
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