Strange Mutant Spider Car Hero

Strange Mutant Spider Car Hero

Size 35.7MB

Strange Mutant Spider Car Hero

Strange Mutant Spider Car Hero

35.7MB1+ Million4.9(2340)
" Simulation "
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Ever wanted to fly like a mutant spider superhero or in aircraft carrier and rescue the people of the city by killing super power monsters, spider villains and the criminals in this epic battle shoot war. Then get ready to transform into strange mutant spider hero like that in this crazy adventure naval game. A 3D game that allows not only being a strange mutant superhero but that too on the high tech futuristic strange mutant superhero flying car in open world battle zone. Yes, this is the modern era of transformer much robots, strange mutant spider heroes and super hero flying cars and crazy things happening in your neighborhood.
Strange Mutant Spider Car Hero is an adventuring and thrilling game filled with epic criminal,flying heroes and super natural mutants chase in war simulator with endless fighting in counter terrorist open war arena battle. The darkness has taken over the city into future war and warship battle and strange mutant spider hero is their last hope. Super power mutant villain’s area roaming around the city killing people and destroying the city with helicopter gunship. Police, special operation forces and army looks powerless in front of them. Everything depends on you, as new laws strange mutant spider hero has to take things in his hand by joining special ops in naval battle and wipe out these strange superpower mutant villains from the city. It's a battle with darkness. It's a war for the fate of universe. So fly your superhero futuristic hi-tech spider world flying car and chase down superpower strange mutant villains from the city and bring them to justice.
You have the most advanced super hero high tech futuristic flying heroes car with endless shooting power. Drive and fly your 4x4 off-road super hero flying car. Show amazing racing stunts in the air and on the road in the shooter battle. Touch the sky or drift on the road. Drive with high speed but beware there is a traffic on the road so fly survive when you think it's difficult to drive and there is no free room. Save the city from the mutant monsters that are terrorizing the people and disturbing the peace of the city. Your main duty is to chase these strange mutant super power villains down and bring them to justice. Enforce the law and bring the peace back. So, join the national team and be a rifleman to start stealth killing in this endless fighting game.
The people of this city have made you their hero because of your courage and strange super powers. It's time to prove them right. To bring the crime rate down and you have to fly this high tech futuristic Police car. You have tasks and missions to transform into car and defeat the mafia, criminals, and strange super power mutants as they are creating mischief in the towns either by igniting fire on some building or by putting humans into problem. Now you have to reach to the emergency points and land your transformer robotic super hero flying car and rescue the people. Use fast speed transformer flying car and keep on rolling it in the clouds to reach the destination point.
It's time to be the hero they are looking for, Good Luck!
Strange Mutant Spider Car Hero Features:
Challenging tasks to accomplish
Engaging game play
Amazing 3D environments
Real life sound effects
flying superhero mutant Car


What's New

-Game Play Improved


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