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(Editor:Queen 8/5/2015)
9game provided: Dr. Driving is the best Car Driving and Car Parking game for Android.
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I give Dr. Driving a 7/10 for its music and SFX. There are several different soundtracks in Dr. Driving, which makes the game feel more alive and entertaining. I like the fact that the soundtrack changes when you are at the main menu and start a mission. This will assure that players do not get bored or bothered easily by listening to the same soundtrack over and over again. There were a few sound effects implemented into the game, but I was hoping there would be more. I was exacting a lot of car related SFX and environment sounds, but unfortunately there were only one or two SFX when you played the game. The soundtracks and sound effects are of decent quality, and fit the overall theme of Dr. Driving pretty well.

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