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Dr Driving: How to Make Right, Left, and U Turns

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1. Make the decision to turn.
Before you go, make up your mind and commit to turning. Hesitation can confuse others and put you in a dangerous position.
2. Signal.
No matter what direction you are turning, you should always use your turn signal. Start to signal about one city block before you turn. If you are not in a city, then signal about 500 feet (152.4 m) before your turn.
3. Don't back up.
If you miss your turn, keep going until it is safe to turn around and go back. Don't try to make a turn after you have already gone too far.
4. Right-hand turns.
If you plan to turn right, get close to the right-hand side of the road before you turn. Look left, then right, then left again. Only make your turn when your route is clear of auto and pedestrian traffic.
5. Right on red.
You can turn right on a red light unless otherwise specified. Always come to a stop at a red light and make sure it is clear before turning.
6. Left-hand turns.
If you plan to turn left, get close to the center line, or median, before you turn. Use the left-turn lane if there is one. Only go when you see that it is safe. The only time you can turn left on a red light is when both the street you are on and the street onto which you are turning are one-way streets.
7. U-turns.
Make U-turns from the far left lane. Never make a U-turn if you are in front of a fire station, on a one-way street, in a no-passing zone, or if you cannot see clearly in both directions. Do not make a U-turn if there is a "No U-turns" sign posted.

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