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(Editor:Steven 12/8/2014)
Android App Review -  Dr. Driving by 9Game. An upgrade of Dr. Parking, this is a very good game with great physics which lets you do one thing - drive! You get to complete missions in very realistically looking city scenes, earn money and then you can buy more expensive and fancy cars. The game is so good it can be used as an aid for car driving lessons but even the more experienced drivers among our testers loved this game. SUD tried and made a very good job in simulating real cars movements - from stops, to accelerations to turning to breaking. 

It did have some very minor annoyances, such as forcing you to link your Google+ and Facebook accounts and the fact money is not so easy to come by so you have to put in a long time to earn enough to buy the better cars (just like in real life!) but still, our testers all loved this game.
Another small annoyance some of our more hard headed testers came up with was rear mirrors and side collisions. The game doesn't have either, so you can make any turns with impunity, which somehow diminishes from the game's fun, at least according to those testers. 

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