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Dr. Driving: Learn Driving on Android Device

(Editor:Michael 12/11/2014)
I am back with a interesting game, Dr. Driving.  This game not only makes you a skill full driver but makes the learning fun too.  If you have had already played the Dr.Parking then you will know what I mean. You can download it on 9Game now.

Any ways this fun game was updated last week and is available for free.  In the game you have to prove your driving skills through a dense populated city without any banging around.  In the process if you hit the curbs or pedestrians you lose your car health.  You can regain the car health and cure the dents and bangs by collecting the coins around the road.  
A beautiful and simple game and very addictive for that matter.  It will keep you engaged for hours with different missions, such as "speed parking," "drift," or try to drive in petrol saving mode. Download the game now from Google Play and enjoy driving your way through fun

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